Branding, Industrial Design
Spring 2019 - 3 mo.

A bag brand for the modern digital nomad. Designed to suit your exact needs wherever and whenever. Everyone has their own workflow. Find yours.

find yours

Workflow lets you bring your ideal workspace with you, wherever your work takes you.

A modular system that lets you create your own perfect bag for any situation.

Outfitted to meet the demands of the modern worker

Carries everything you need, and
nothing you don't.

Available in whatever color you need.

Blend in, or stand out

All aspects considered

No stone left unturned

Exactly as small as it needs to be.

Warning - Process

The content past this banner is process-related. If you're not a potential employer or design nerd, you might find this stuff dry. Proceed with caution. Click below if you wanna skip to the results.

Project Overview

The Goal

We were tasked with conceptualizing a container brand that both fulfilled unmet user needs and filled an existing market gap.

The Process

The Deliverables

A fleshed-out brand and a physical product.

Workflow started with a question:

In a world where workspaces are becoming nebulous, professionals find themselves on the go more often. How do they stay efficient wherever they find themselves?

Clarifying the issues

To get some perspective on the problem, I spoke to some people who move around a lot for work. What kind of stuff do they need to bring around? How do they transport that stuff? What issues do they face?


A mobile worker isn't just a dude who does web design from his laptop on a beach in Bali. This terms encompasses a lot of unique people in a lot of unique places.

The Issues:

A million different things

Every single person has a unique set of items they carry with them from day to day. This means there is no single ideal bag, because everyone has their own needs.


A single person might have a different setup on any given day, depending on where they're going and what they're doing. This means users either need to compromise their storage with a single bag, or own a variety of bags for different situations.

The Opportunity:

How can we design a bag brand that allows people to bring their ideal workspace with them, wherever their work might take them?

User Wants & Needs


The freedom to follow their passions
To do their best work
To spend time on what matters
To follow the schedule that suits their lifestyle


A way to bring all their essentials with them
The tools that allow them to work
An organizational system for their unique needs
An adaptable system

User Wants & Needs

A solid brand is more than just a nice logo and palette. Before even starting on that stuff, I figured out what I wanted this brand & product to stand for.

What we are

Everything you need

What we aren't

Anything you don't need

Name Ideation

Workflow was the end result of workshopping a couple hundred names. I wanted to make sure the name fit the brand values I had established.

Type exploration


To reinforce the brand's travel aspect, I wanted to create a palette reminiscent of the colors of a country's flag. It also needed to be versatile enough to enable customers to create a personalized bag.


Has a strong conceptual link to travel because of its use in maps. It also looks quite flowy, making it a perfect visual motif.

The Logo

This is some text inside of a div block.

Initial Ideation

I did a bunch of sketching to figure out the rough direction of the bag.